Goodbye 1100 Pennsylvania—hello Forbes

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." – Hunter S. Thompson

1100 Pennsylvania newsletter wraps today. Your correspondent has joined Forbes as a staff writer with an expanded beat and new newsletter.

After 455 dispatches, today marks 1100 Pennsylvania’s final issue. I am thrilled to (finally) share that two weeks ago I joined Forbes as a staff writer covering money and politics.

That beat includes Forbes’s new Checks & Imbalances newsletter. “Tipping the scales toward transparency by investigating money in politics,” Checks & Imbalances will continue to report on Trump, but I’ve broadened my focus to follow the money connected to other politicians as well—both Republicans and Democrats.

The inaugural issue of Checks & Imbalances is set to appear in your inboxes this morning you received this dispatch.

What this change means for you

  • If you’re a paid subscriber to 1100 Pennsylvania, your subscription carries over to Forbes with the same terms. That is, if you have three weeks left on you monthly paid subscription to 1100 Pennsylvania, that’s how much time remains on your Checks & Imbalances subscription.

  • If you’d signed up just for the free issues of 1100 Pennsylvania, you’ll receive three free weeks of complete access to Checks & Imbalances. If you haven’t paid for a subscription by the end of that trial, you’ll just get Checks & Imbalances’ free issues on Thursdays—and miss out on the exclusive reporting published on Mondays and Saturdays. The price is $8.99 a month or $79.99 a year. (Why the increase from 1100 Pennsylvania? Checks & Imbalances appears in a well-resourced publication rather than on a platform and is a better product.)

  • There’s no need for any action on your part—unless you’re on the free list and want to upgrade to a paid subscription.

  • 1100 Pennsylvania’s archives remain right where they are and are accessible to anyone with a paid subscription as of June 5. If you’re a future person who’s not a paid subscriber and wants access to all the old stuff, email me or my estate at

The many, many benefits of Forbes

Journalists jettisoning staff positions to publish indie newsletters on Substack is a bit of a trend these days. But going the opposite way and joining Forbes is clearly the best move for my reporting.

For starters, I now have an editor who I’m excited to be working with: the meticulous Dan Alexander, who literally wrote the book on Trump turning his presidency into a business. And joining Forbes means my reporting also benefits from a wealth of talented colleagues and resources, as well as an engaged community of millions.

After four years of focusing on President Trump’s business, I’m eager to dig into money connected to other politicians as well—both Republicans and Democrats.

(And on a personal note, it’s really cool to write for a publication you saw on your grandfather’s table as a kid.)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who subscribed to 1100 Pennsylvania—it means so much to me and I’m eager to continue reporting for you—as well as those who sent in a tip, shared this work, sent words of encouragement, and otherwise supported the newsletter,

Also, much appreciation to the other journalists who championed 1100 Pennsylvania, especially in its early days when I wasn’t sure how much interest there’d be in a travel writer’s compendium of screenshots.

Particular thanks to David Fahrenthold (Fun fact: I set an alert for every time he tweeted so I’d know when he was using Twitter. When I got a notification, I’d tweet a link to 1100 Pennsylvania in the hopes he’d see it and retweet it to his legions of followers. Sorry for cluttering up your timeline, Dave.), Jonathan O’Connell, Andrea Bernstein, Ilya Marritz, Meg Cramer, Ana Marie Cox, Katie Rogers, Eric Lipton, Karen Yourish, Michael Isikoff, Hunter Walker, Jeffrey Toobin, Andréa Schmidt, Martyn McLaughlin, everyone at The Beat with Ari Melber and All In with Chris Hayes, Dave Levinthal, Meredith Bennett-Smith, Nicolas Buechse, François Miguet, Katelyn Fossett, Blake Hounshell, Josh Bernstein, Ben Landy, Clara Jeffrey, David Corn, Daniel Schulman, Russ Choma, Rob Crilly, Christine Stapleton, David Frum, Marcus Baram, Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, and of course Dan Alexander.

Thanks to my parents for paying for their subscription even though I offered them a comp. And apologies (again) to my wife and kids that my days of taking them on Disney Cruises and glamping trips for work are over.

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