27 times Trump's promoted his businesses on Twitter while president

Supposedly isolated from the Trump Organization, Sunday marked at least the 27th time the president has plugged his properties on Twitter

Trump Organization attorney Sheri Dillon at President-elect Donald J. Trump’s Trump Tower press conference on Jan. 11, 2017 [bold added]:

President-elect Trump wants there to be no doubt in the minds of the American public that he is completely isolating himself from his business interests. He instructed us to take all steps realistically possible to make it clear that he is not exploiting the office of the presidency for his personal benefit.

On Sunday, President Donald J. Trump promoted the reopening of his Los Angeles golf course on Twitter. It marked at least the 27th time he’s plugged one of his businesses on his social-media app of choice since his inauguration.

Feb 11, 2017—Mar-a-Lago

Feb. 11, 2017—Mar-a-Lago

Nov. 22, 2017—Mar-a-Lago

Nov. 24, 2017—Trump Jupiter and Mar-a-Lago

April 8, 2018—Trump Doral

April 18, 2018—Mar-a-Lago

June 26, 2018—Trump Turnberry

July 14, 2018—Trump Turnberry

Aug. 11, 2018—Trump Bedminster

Aug. 11, 2018—Trump Bedminster

Sept. 23, 2018—Trump Tower

Feb. 2, 2019—Trump Jupiter

Feb. 16, 2019—Mar-a-Lago

Feb, 24, 2019—Mar-a-Lago

March 2, 2019—Trump Aberdeen

May 15, 2019—Trump Ferry Point

July 14, 2019—Trump Aberdeen, Doonberg, and Turnberry

Aug. 27, 2019—Trump Doral

Oct. 21, 2019—Trump Doral

Nov. 17, 2019—Trump Hotel D.C.

Nov. 24, 2019—Trump Doral

Dec. 12, 2019—Mar-a-Lago

Dec. 31, 2019—Mar-a-Lago

Jan. 12, 2020—Trump Golf D.C.

May 3, 2020—Trump Turnberry

May 5, 2020—Trump Tower Grill

May 10, 2020—Trump Los Angeles

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