Clergy, judges ask D.C. alcohol board not to renew Trump Hotel D.C.'s liquor license

Board punted on earlier request, saying time to address ‘character’ qualification was when license was up for renewal; that time is now

Today a group of clergy and judges asked the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board not to renew the Trump Hotel D.C.’s liquor license. D.C. law requires license holders be “of good character”—a criterion these religious leaders and judges claim the U.S. president does not meet, according to a letter from the group’s attorney to the D.C. control board.

In June 2018, this same group asked the control board to revoke the hotel’s liquor license. The board punted on the issue in September, saying that the appropriate time to reflect on the character requirement was when the license came up for renewal, not during the middle of the licensing period.

Well, as the sign on a barricade in front of the Trump Hotel D.C. shows, that time is now: a hearing on the liquor license application is scheduled for May 28 at 10 a.m.

Information about the complainants can be found on their website, Make Integrity Great Again.

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