Trump Store selling $20 American flag-themed face masks

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Trump Store now peddling American flag-themed face masks: ‘Look the part this summer’

The online Trump Store has started selling $20 American flag-themed face masks so the president’s customers can “look the part this summer.” While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings,” Donald J.Trump eschews wearing them.

In addition to featuring red and white horizontal stripes, the mask is “accented with the American Flag on the left center corner.” While your correspondent is no legal expert, coughing up COVID-19-infested spit into the flag seems like it should fall afoul of the United States flag code.

The president has retained his businesses, of course, and can profit from the purchase of these flag-themed masks.

Trump Store also sells $10 navy-colored face masks bearing the flag in the corner. These cheaper versions are in “popular demand”and not shipping until June 19 per the website. Trump Store claims both products are made in the United States.

The president’s retail store selling face masks does not appear to have been previously reported, although it’s not clear when they debuted. In May, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale debuted two Keep America Great-themed masks.

Last spring, Trump Store began carrying a cherry blossom collection that included four pieces of merch featuring the White House, as 1100 Pennsylvania reported at the time. A few weeks later, the president’s company said it would be discontinuing those items. More than a year has passed; they are still available.

In a January 2017 press conference at Trump Tower, Trump Organization attorney Sheri Dillon said that the president-elect “has also directed that no communications of the Trump Organization, including social media accounts, will reference or be tied to President-elect Trump’s role as president of the United States or the office of the presidency.”

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