Two more White House staffers to exchange vows at president's hotel

Trump Hotel D.C. will have hosted wedding celebrations for at least eight Trump administration staffers

Sarah Trevor and William Russell’s story “began in the fall of 2017 while both [were] working at The White House,” their wedding website reads. “Their mutual dedication to their jobs and the long hours of work cultivated a curiosity betwixt the two. It wasn’t until the winter of 2018 that a spark was felt and a flame lit.”

And—like at least six Trump administration staffers before themthat twinkle will mushroom into a pricey wedding celebration at their boss and patron’s D.C. hotel.

By hosting this event, the Trump Hotel D.C. likely will receive tens of thousands of dollars through two people who serve at its owner’s pleasure.

Trevor works in Kellyanne Conway’s office in the White House (according to Conway via Politico), while Russell is a trip director in the executive office of the president per LinkedIn. Through their presidential appointments, the couple is paid more than $130,000 combined annually by U.S. taxpayers, reports ProPublica and Columbia Journalism Investigations’ Trump Town database.

Other Trump staffers known to have celebrated their nuptials at the Trump Hotel D.C. are

While sufficient information isn’t available to estimate how much money the president’s hotel will take in from Trevor and Russell’s nuptials, 1100 Pennsylvania was able to estimate that Trump Hotel D.C.’s revenue was at least $35,000 for the Bauer and Patenaude celebration.

According to Trevor and Russell’s website, the Trump Hotel D.C.’s Lincoln Library will host a reaffirmation ceremony on Dec. 5 with a formal reception taking place an hour later in the president’s presidential ballroom (COVID-19 seems to have scuppered the pair’s original plan for an April celebration). The Trump Hotel D.C. is also hosting Trevor and Russell’s room block. While it appears a lower rate has been negotiated for wedding guests, it’s not specified (likely because that would be gauche). On the evening of the wedding, however, rooms at the Trump Hotel D.C. start at $556 when booked through its website.

1100 Pennsylvania learned about the wedding via a tip. Trevor, Russell, and White House spokespeople have not replied to inquiries asking why the Trump Hotel D.C. was chosen and if any Trump administration or Trump family members were involved in the booking.

Five Trump businesses announce plans to emerge from COVID-19-related closures

After shuttering because of COVID-19, at least five Trump properties have set June dates for reopening their facilities, according to the venues’ posts on Twitter:

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Notable sightings

With the nation dealing with both unrest over racism and the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump made time to invite Fox News’s Jesse Waters and his wife Emma to the Oval Office, reported Olivia Nuzzi of New York Magazine. Jesse has called on Mar-a-Lago at least twice. Trump still owns his private club and can profit from Watters’s visits.

Rebecca Tan of The Washington Post recounted a scene outside the Trump Hotel D.C. on Monday.

Evangelical Lutheran high school Divine Savior Academy held its graduation in Doral’s parking lot. Social distancing best-practices were not followed.

To the delight of many protestors, port-a-potties were set up recently in front of the Trump hotel D.C.

Other Trump Organization news

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Notable hotel customers


Upcoming key dates

  • Sept. 23, 2019—House Judiciary Committee hearing “Presidential corruption: Emoluments and profiting off the presidency” (postponed, not yet rescheduled)

  • June or July 2020—Before postponement of oral arguments due to a coronavirus-related closure, Supreme Court decision due on Trump’s appeal of earlier rulings requiring his financial institutions to comply with subpoenas from House Financial Services, Intelligence, and Oversight

  • Aug. 10, 2020—Scheduling conference before D.C. Superior Court in D.C. attorney general’s lawsuit alleging improperly spent nonprofit funds by the Trump Hotel D.C. and Trump’s inaugural committee

  • Oct. 29, 2020—Mediation session in at least a one-time Trump appointee in the Commerce Department’s lawsuit against the Trump Hotel D.C., alleging a shard of glass from a sabered bottle of champagne left a gash in her chin

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