Sanders, Noem raised funds for campaigns, Trump

Arkansas gubernatorial aspirant and South Dakota incumbent threw fundraisers at Trump’s resort

The past two weekends, candidates for governor in states other than Florida raised funds for their campaigns at Mar-a-Lago. By booking Donald J. Trump’s Palm Beach club-cum-home, the candidates ensured a payday for the influential former president.

On Friday night, former White House spokesperson and current candidate for Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a fundraising dinner at Mar-a-Lago.

And like a boomerang, last weekend South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) returned to one of the former president’s Florida properties. This time Noem was at Mar-a-Lago to also raise money for her own campaign, reported Paul Steinhauser for Fox News.

Spotted at Noem’s fundraiser were two other politicians who’d benefit from being in the former president and venue owner’s good graces: GOP candidates for U.S. House seats George Santos (New York) and Dan Rodimer (Texas).

The Trump Store’s out of a $36 President Trump-themed baseball hat

Three weeks after it debuted on the Trump Organization’s online store, a white $36 ball cap pegged to the Trump presidency is no longer available.

It’s not clear if the hat sold out or if it’s no longer available for other reasons (Supplier issues? Second thoughts about profiting off of the presidency?). The hat, however, does appear on the website’s page of best sellers. Meanwhile the red version of the hat remains in stock.

The hats are part of the Trump Org’s T45 Collection, an entire new product line pegged to the Trump presidency.

Representatives from the Trump Organization have not responded to 1100 Pennsylvania’s inquiry about why the hat is no longer available.

FEC slapped two more fines on PAC that failed to disclose its Mar-a-Lago spending

This week the Federal Election Commission disclosed that earlier in February it fined the American Pro-Israel PAC for failing to submit its 2019 year-end and 2020 first quarter reports.

The penalties are in addition to the fine the FEC assessed the PAC for failing to submit its 2019 mid-year report—a filing that should have included two large disbursements at Mar-a-Lago for galas the PAC hosted there in March and May of that year. (1100 Pennsylvania reported about that previous fine on Monday).

The three penalties total $19,623.

The American Pro-Israel PAC’s treasurer, Jeanne Sullivan, has not replied to multiple requests for details about its spending at Mar-a-Lago and failure to file its FEC reports.

For more details about the PAC’s galas at Mar-a-Lago, check out the March 13, 2019 and May 15, 2019 issues of 1100 Pennsylvania.

Other notable sightings

A glimpse of the foreign officials, government employees, politicians, lobbyists, and the like who patronize or appear at Trump businesses. Most people shown here have reasons to want to influence the former president, rely on his good graces for their livelihoods, or should have been providing oversight. Additionally, high-profile guests serve as draws for paying customers.

The former president entertained Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) at Mar-a-Lago. Scott also chairs the National Republican Senate Committee, which works to elect members of that party to the chamber.

Another Mar-a-Lago customer enjoyed dining in the presence of a former president (and Jon Voight).

The Trump Hotel D.C.’s managing director and former Trump political appointee, Victoria Barton displayed some chummy bonhomie (and seemed to tease a future Trump Hotel Dallas).

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Reference section

Links to rundowns of developments in the House’s investigations and lawsuits, reference sheets for some of 1100 Pennsylvania’s previous reporting, and articles that provide the background on why all of this matters. The date published or last updated is in parentheses.


Notable hotel customers


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Upcoming key dates

  • Sept. 23, 2019—House Judiciary Committee hearing “Presidential corruption: Emoluments and profiting off the presidency” (postponed, not yet rescheduled)

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